When a Copier Salesman Gets Desperate, they Turn Into Snake Oil Salesman



Where do I begin?

Today I have witnessed a Copier company that is supposedly a manufacture direct here in New York City area who tried to do a bait & switch on a company. This lying bum proposed a Copystar 5500i and then drew up a lease for a copystar cs520i!

Yea ok, just one digit off…. As I read through the proposal, there was many things that just did not jive. I will repeat, this is coming from a company, a large company that is directly associated to the manufacture, I will not reveal names at all, I wont go there, I just want to let YOU know about the “snake oil salesman”.

Who am I? well, one thing I am not is a copier salesman. Oh, but I have over 25 years in this business, technician/owner/sales/service manager/major account rep,  yea, I do a lot but my focus is to inform consumers of the shadiness that goes on in this business. If you want, you can call me the copier business police.

My company started on the basics of honesty and fairness, 25 years later, I promote the same ethics here. I will not tolerate the lying scams and the bad name salesman  give this industry.

Please read my blogs, I have many that will educate YOU the consumer. Copier leasing, buying online, snake oil salesman, I have written them all.

I was inspired to write this blog because of a friend of mine who had this happen today, 5/23/14. This company, who again was a manufacture direct, tried to do a “bait and switch”, they tried to deceive the customer with tricky sales techniques which if I had not looked over the documents, they would have been locked into a bad lease which would have been very costly to them and they would have no recourse . Promising a customer that they can get them out of a lease with a copier they do not like and sticking in its place a five year old used copier and charging a ridiculous amount for the monthly lease which DID NOT include service! Yes! razzle/dazzel it was on another document and they were going to charge a monthly  fee for service. The end result would have been a $300.00  a month lease & service payment for a five year old copier with nearly 200k on it!

I am very happy I stopped this snake oil copier salesman in his tracks, maybe he was in need to make his quota? maybe the snake oil salesman wanted to take a trip to Europe? maybe he wanted a new car?

I have seen snake oil salesman for more than 25 years, they are like car salesman and will do anything and everything to make a sale. My job is to alert the copier buyers, the young entrepreneurs who have the courage to start a business in this tough, tough economy. I am here for you, just ask any questions and I will respond to you in the most honest, fair way and I will give you the edge in combating the Copier Snake Oil Salesman.

Speak to Peter or Phil today and we will give you a free quote or advice on your  copier needs, do your homework, take your time and make the right decision for your company!




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