Never let the salesman have complete control of your lease

I cant count how many times that I come across a situation where the salesman failed to inform the customer to contact the leasing company and to inform them they are not keeping the machine any longer. Customers need to be more proactive and need to know exactly how long the lease is for. Do you have a 3 year lease? 5 year lease? You need to know this, you also need to know if it is a dollar buy out or FMV. Take your lease out, it will be written on the first page near the top or middle.

It is very important to know this information so YOU can contact the leasing company 90 days before the lease is expired, did you hear that??  You need to give the leasing company minimum 60 days and preferable 90 days!  or you risk being stuck for another quarter with a machine you don’t want.

Why am I telling you this? I am trying to give you the upper hand, I am trying to educate you with the ins & outs of leasing a copier and to give you an idea of the many loopholes that are in this business. These salesman do NOT want you to know this, it is tactics they use to lock you in with them so you will not shop around or even want to!

Why you should take control over your lease other than what I have just mentioned above?

* What happens if the salesman leaves the company? or worse yet dies?

* What happens if the company goes out of business?

The leasing company does not care about ANY of the above!, you are still obligated to pay the leasing company, you signed it in black & white.

If you contact the leasing company a month before the lease is up, you will be penalized and or locked into another period. This is why it is very important to have all your leases in your office under full control by yourself or assigned personnel.

This is very good information here, you wont find this anywhere else because many salesman are greedy and dishonest.

Call us today, we can at least give you good advice and it is free!


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