Copier Service Company may be misleading you…………

I went out on a proposal yesterday, it went really well! two machines deal at two separate offices. I am amazed of the dishonesty that still exists today in such a competitive market. The person had a Konica Minolta Biz hub 501, this is a 52 cpm machine, it is NOT a entry level commercial copier. This machine was at the end of its 3 year lease and the company told him that the document feeder was “ready to blow up” and they could not fix it! The machine only had 400k on it! The client was an Accountant going into his busiest season.

You see, I am not just the usual Snake oil salesman, I am a technician with close to 30 years experience so I knew it was a BS story and the company either 1) did not want to fix it to force a sale or 2) couldn’t fix the issue with the document feeder. Either way, the customer suffers with down time. Well, I called them out on it, I told them that if you were using my company, and we could not resolve the issue with your document feeder, we would simply replace the entire feeder assembly with one we have in our shop. Problem solved!

Bottom line, if it breaks, it could be fixed, if they tell you no, get a second opinion!

All I am doing is being honest and fair, this is the way I have always done my business. That salesman, that company, will lose two offices at two locations because of greed and lack of integrity. Shame on them………….


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