Waiting for copier service?

What is an acceptable time to wait for copier service?

If your copier goes down at 10:00AM, it is realistic to expect service the same day, it is totally unacceptable to wait for more than a full day for a technician to show up. We at PJD Business Machines, respond to calls within a four hour period, more often it is two hours, this is how we became the choice on Long Island.

From Copiers MFP’s, laser printers and scanners, we treat the service call with urgency. Just because you don’t have twenty copiers on service plan with a large copier dealer, should not be a reason to be waiting four days for service.

I have been hearing nightmare stories from customers calling us saying they are waiting a week for service on their Kyocera copier. Long Island Copier Sales, http://www.longislandcopiersales.com will not let you down, we offer night and weekend service to you at no additional cost.

Why settle for bad service when we can have you covered? especially if your business is on Long Island?

Give us a call and talk with Peter or Phil, we guarantee satisfaction with the best prices around.

Find us on the web, http://www.pjdbusinessmachines.com

(516)  785-3299


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