63 month Copier lease? Why would want to enter a 63 month lease? I cannot believe that customers are still doing this and salesmen are getting away with it. Locking yourself up for 63 months and thinking you are getting a better deal? The only one who makes out well is the salesman and the copier dealer. The very best part of a copiers life is the first three years (especially a color machine), it is most efficient and reliable in the first three years. So if you are going the route of leasing, why in Gods name would you lease a machine for more than three years? What if you don’t particularly like the copier? what if you don’t like the service you are getting from the dealer? what happens if the dealer goes out of business? Technology changes so fast, too fast to be in a 5 year plus lease. Once you are locked in to a lease, you cant get out (without paying dearly). To get a lower rate, to bring down your monthly payment, you are putting yourself out on a limb. 3 year lease, in and out with fresh, new machines Beware of snake oil salesman


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