Something to know when leasing a copier

Previously we went into detail about leasing copiers but there is something to add to this.

The copier business has been getting very competitive, margins have been shrinking over the years due to the increase of digital scanning and less paper printing. With this, copier companies, especially here on Long Island, have been at each others throats competing. Giving pricing for well under a penny a copy but this cannot go on for ever, copier companies, both large & small cannot work at cost or slightly above, something will have to give and most likely, it will be the service they provide to YOU.

What the salesman now do and it is clear in B&W on your lease proposal, just have a good look at it and hope it is not too late. The salesman will propose a half cent per copy but after the first year, that rate will increase and it will increase over the next 3 to 5 years! So in the end, you will be paying much more than .005, it will be .01 or greater! You will be paying a lot more for the leased copier than what you thought.

The copier company bills you each month depending on your monthly clicks, this is where you will see this increase, very quietly and sneaky, the salesman factored this in and once you sign that lease, that is it.

This is important for you as a customer to find out if the  person proposing copiers to you is doing this.

Call us and we will talk straight with you, no catches no hidden information, just fair and square old fashion business.

Speak with one of the owners Peter or Phil



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