Cheapest price & best service (pick one)

I probably go on six to eight proposals a week here and some I get and others I walk away from.

   I understand in today’s market that everyone is knowledgeable and has plenty of shopping savvy but folks, we need to take a few steps back when it comes to leasing copiers or going into a service agreement with one.

I have been in this business for 30 years, I know the pricing and what it takes to “properly” maintain copiers with genuine parts & supplies. 

I have seen proposals by companies on Long Island that are just hard to believe. There is an old saying, if it is too good to be true be wary. If you decide to go with the absolute cheapest price on a lease copier, then when you wait for service or are just NOT happy with the overall experience with the dealer, you got what you paid for.

Paying the cheapest price and getting the best service, pick one of these because you cant have both!  be happy with your decision.

We sell and service Kyocera/Copystar copiers on Long Island

(BTW we are not the cheapest)

Speak to one of the owners directly and we will give you an honest quote


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